Oilix® somaattinen liikeohjaus
Oili Viskari
+358 44 355 4941
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Oilix® somatic movement is a gentle, but effective type of massage using movement. This painless holistic method of massage is therapeutic and very balancing. Oili Viskari has worked with clients from Asia, Europe, North and South America. She has also received positive feedback from medical doctors. People recovering from serious accidents or big operations benefit greatly from these treatments, which speed up their rehabilitation process.  

Oili Viskari was born in Finland. Her fields of education include farming, gardening, dancing, and yoga. She has 20 years of experience in various body/mind therapies and methods and has had her own business for 15 years.

Oilix somatic movement is very useful in the following ways:

  • to release back, pelvis or knee pain
  • to release stress and anxiety
  • to stimulate body functions, improve balance, body alignment and body awareness
  • to bring relief from Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, asthma and nervous disorders
  • to provide preventative treatment, which is always less inexpensive than curing already developed diseases

What happens during an Oilix somatic movement session?

  • the client is interviewed
  • the client lays on the massage table on his back, stomach or side. In some cases also standing and sitting positions are used.
  • the therapist uses precise forms of touch and movement in accordance with the client’s specific needs: changing directions, using rhythm, pressure, spiral waves and smaller or larger movements
  • the therapist reviews the results with the client so that the client can continue to work on the problem on his/her own after the treatment
  • the therapist gives the client self-help tips to improve daily life

Already at the age of seven, I remember as I walked the hill from school to my home, I would try to invent a more balanced way to carry my school bag.”